The-nest-studio’s office

The-nest-studio’s office

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Hạng mục công việc: thiết kế & thi công nội thất.
Kiến trúc sư: Nguyen Ha & Nest-Team.
Mô tả: Vào những ngày đầu mới thành lập, văn phòng The-Nest-Studio toạ lạc tại 186 Lý Thường Kiệt Hội An. Sau đó, được dời về 185B Điện Biên Phủ thuộc thành phố Hội An. Hiện nay, Nest-Team đang làm việc tại Điện Phương, vùng phụ cận của thành phố Hội An.

Scope of work: interior design for our NEST’s office.

Architect: Nguyen Ha & Nest-Team

Descripton: Once we opened, the first Nest’s working space was located in the first floor of a multifunctional building in 186 Ly Thuong Kiet street, then we moved to 185B Dien Bien Phu street from Hoi An city. Finally we are currently working at a village in the buffer-zone of Hoian city.

Area: 50 internal square meter

Time table: desk research in the first days of March, then established in reality and completed in the end of July.

Status: completed

Concept: In order to set up a tiny but comfortable, different working space for our new start-up, we divided the space into three parts: a little bed-room within a complete set of furniture, i.e bed, wardrobe, shelve, chair and table; then workshop within book shelves, material shelves and two high desks and stools where we can feel warming atmosphere; and a corner for fake toilet as well as storage (for finishing samples, and mock-up decorative lights). The aim here, firstly we would like to bring customer to a real decoration for their bedroom and toilet in scale 1:1 so that they do not only imagine, but also feel how their HOME would be in the near future. Secondly our teamers can survive and enjoy THE-NEST-STUDIO as their favourite workshop. Thus, we adapted the intention of everybody who would like to participate with us.

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